Gear Shop

Over the years, we have created signature gear primarily as “uniforms” for our team.  At times we made them available for our loyal fans.  With our new website, we decided to build a Gear Department online and offer you the ease of browsing and purchasing Uncle Ray’s signature apparel.

With the grand opening of the department, we have gathered together caps, beanies and t-shirts that we have accumulated on our shelves.  We are having a pre-holiday sale to clear our shelves to make room for new lines of gear and apparel.

The Overstock Sale will run through November 24 and offer all items at discounted prices.  It’s a great opportunity to do some pre-holiday shopping for those special people on your list.

Our overstock inventory is limited.  Quantities vary with the colors and sizes. Don’t tarry. At these prices, they’ll be flying off the shelves.