Survivor Kits

2021 IT'S A WRAP

Once again this year, Uncle Ray’s Dairyland will close its doors on Wednesday, December 30 at 9:30 p.m.

For 45 long winter days and nights, the Dairyland will be dark and quiet until our Grand Re-Opening on February 12, 2021 for the beginning of Valentine’s Weekend.

Over the years, some of our fans accused us of cruel and unusual punishment. So we thought long and hard  …  how can we be kinder and more considerate this year?

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Eureka! an ingenious solution. For our loyal fans who tremble at the thought of going a month and a half without Uncle Ray’s handmade ice cream and frozen yogurt, we have created Uncle Ray’s Survivor Kits.

The kits provide protection from the Winter Doldrums.  They come in two sizes;  12 pint and 6 pint boxes to ensure that you have enough to keep you happy and in good spirits until our re-opening Valentine’s Day weekend. You can choose from our most popular flavors to create an enticing medley for your kit.

Survivor Kits are available online (preorder, prepay, and pickup) now through Thursday, December 30, 9:30 p.m.

Do not tarry! Stock your freezers this week before it’s too late and the doldrums set in.

Happy New Year!   See, 2022 is better already!